12.03.11 | yellow + flower = summer

While I kept myself focused for Mitch’s lens, Yami managed to capture what seems to be a good spot of this photo. I was so vigilant of how I look at the camera and how the picture will turn out. I have a lucid picture in my mind on what the image would be like yet scared that my friends won’t be able to shoot the effigy I imagined. This one turned out to be one of my fave! Captivating huh! hahaha.

The spur-of-the-moment photoshoot gave me awkward attempts to pose since am not used to adopting a position in front of people (even my friends). All my “GREAT” (as people say) statuettes were all done alone with me and my camera (thanks to self timer). But I come to love the shots taken by Mitch (Gargoles).

I, somehow, had remorse feeling when I tried to have people do some intricate poses for the sake of practicing photography. Honestly, it’s tiring! Doing the same pose for more than 3minutes is not a joke. It’s exhausting! Well, it’s a great experience.

Photoshoot location was in Ligpo, Batangas. It was a beach travel with beachfriends before the year 2011 ends (November 11-12). This was first posted at http://bewitchme-innocentheart.blogspot.com/ under the category : Wanderlust.

photo credit to Yami Gutierrez (featured) & Mitch Gargoles



06.15.11 | exploring daranak falls

I often look forward to days off from work. Laboring in a call center forges me to grow exasperated and would always want to go out for some fresh air. If not going back to my hometown, I spend my rest day to beaches savoring the sun and the cold waters, getting a sweat on a hike or spending days to a friend’s house doing crazy things.

I sporadically visit my friend’s hometown in Tanay, Rizal and we customarily spend our time at the rooftop nibbling and crooning our hearts away. This time it’s something offbeat. Bob told me about this Falls adjacent to their house and we rapidly cinched to have a hurried swim. What I love about unplanned adventure is that it usually crop up unlike the planned ones where there are instances we still have time to throw in the towel when there are better things to do.

Since the weather is too hot for a rainy season, I think a brisk paddle at Daranak Falls wouldn’t hurt. The place is approximately 15-20minutes ride (tricycle in particular) from my friend’s house. If you’re coming from Manila, you can ride a jeepney bound to Tanay which you can get from Rosario, Pasig (that is if you’re coming from Pasig). You can also find some rides in Crossing (EDSA). And from my friend’s place we took a tricycle headed to Daranak Falls. I can’t remember how much was the fare since I cared less of the idea of taking note of the specific of this venture it didn’t occur to me that I’ll be putting up a blog that includes my travels. Though I have file of my expenses but I’ll have to poke my old files to do so. Anyway, reading travel blogs would help should you wish to get details of how much you have to prepare to get to the place.

I was told that the first Encantadia TV series – a filipino fantasy franchised and produced by GMA Network and first aired in May 2005 shoot some parts of the series here and that dossier turned into curiosity and excitement in me. This could be one of the reason why the place became eminent all the more.


Tanay is a territory of mountains but the place is not as remote as I imagine. I thought we’re gonna have  the whole place at that time all by ourselves since it was off peek season. It was June and it’s a drizzly season. And olah!  the place was teeming with people who, I guess, were trying to catch up with the summer like us. Summer is never too late for people who lust after the heat of the sun while swimming.

Though the place has become popular, the alpine sight is still preserved. The mountains are still green and the waters are still fresh. We indulged ourselves with the cold waters collapsing on the greenish lagoon.

Since it was a bit onerous grabbing a ride back to my friend’s shack, we decided to just hike. I know it can be tedious walking but who cares? It’s how we are. We had our we clothes on while we took pictures with the great view and before we arrived home we’re all dried up.















05.28.11 | exploring anawangin

2010 Travelogue : Anawangin, Zambales. May 1-2

Who could have thought I’ll be able to visit my birthplace after being born? I’m a total stranger to where I first breathe my life to the world. I’ve been to many places but here – Zambales. I was too blissful to set foot on it’s sand and to set eyes on the beach resting beautifully on it’s perfect dwelling I couldn’t sleep before the day!

It was my first venture camping by the beach, mountain trudging with my swimsuit on (topped with striped dress), slippers (too bad I didn’t bring my hiking shoes) and a pouch bag (why the pouch bag, anyway?), getting up early in the morning to trail the mountain heights and sunbathing til there’s no sun to clothe you Tan. Whatta! Did I ever get the tan I like?

Camping is a great thing for me. It feels all great to just laze yourself inside the tent, on the sandy ground and feel the frostiness of the night. Waking up awaiting the heat of the sun thumping your tent while you still try to sleep yourself more (you can’t help but stay awake til dawn as you enjoyed the company of your friends talking some stuffs under the moonlight). And having breakfast by the beach is incomparable!

I conquered the heights! Yes! I did wander the mountain with my girlfriends and some boy-friends but I was left alone with the guys halfway. Too bad I was the only one who was so fervent  to surmount the mountaintop. I didn’t mind, though. I was flabbergasted by the marvelous panorama of the paradise before my naked eyes when I was on top of the foothill! I found myself totally amazed of GOD’s creation of cosmos. I can’t believe I’ll see such a beautiful place in bird’s eye. Whoah! My heart was hurdling and throbbing so hard, I almost cried in wonderment. (emo mode)!

I wanna go back to this whereabouts again. Nonetheless, hoping the place will be upheld of it’s instinctive beauty and purity. I didn’t enjoy swimming much due to rubbish strewn on waters. Why can’t people be concerned of the nature? Why can’t they just be so considerate? I was saddened by the thought of people who care less.

My heart is pining for some love on nature – that we don’t only enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the nature but be part of its perpetuation so that our children’s children may still enjoy what we are enjoying now.