05.22.17 | kumusta : a big word

It’s been months when I last showed up in the church, Victory-Pasig. I have been there on Sundays consistently since 14th of May. Half of me thought my presence would be less noticeable if I would be seated at the back (I usually sit 2nd-3rd row from the stage) and half of me expects few people would notice once my being is remarked.

So people greeted me with “Hello! you’re back!” (Have I been gone that long?) Oh yes, I’m back, finally! “How are you? What is up to you nowadays?” (Hmmm. Busy at work? Busy taking care of stuffs and all?) Oh well, I’ve been hustling with overtimes at work. You know, kinda stuff to earn more – if not to perform. “I miss you! What happened to you?” (Oh, I’ve been up and about from here to there, I guess.) Oh, Same here! I miss this integral thing, these people and the whole family!

And yesterday was the classic I genuinely missed. I jostled into my former mentor while fixing my hair in the rest room. She still mentors me when necessary. She is a pastor’s wife. I’ve been mentored by three pastor’s wife already. Yes. That is so true.  “Miss Lorie! You’ve been in my mind for two weeks now. KUMUSTA? (how are you?)”. I didn’t know what to answer, I shrieked it off with a phony smile hoping she won’t read my mind through my eyes and said “I’m perfectly fine!” What a foolproof line to use this time. I got a bit scared Miss Maru read me between those lines. I tried to shun eye contact ‘cause I know in my heart, she’ll certainly figure out something that needs to be dealt with when I do. I was anxious I would have to sit with her for about half an hour if not a couple for that matter.

That word “kumusta” means a lot to us. Singles, in particular. It may mean, we have something to confide – good thing, bad thing. This word daunts me most of the time. It’s weird, right? When I was young, I thought the word “kumusta” is just a word to disguise disinterest or to kickoff a conversation. But I was deluded. It’s a big word. If you ask “Kumusta”, you have to be ready to give an ear and extra time (as in ample time), not to mention wisdom to advise (should this be solicited). However, if you were asked, be primed to open your heart to a possibility of console or impediment.

It’s been years since I heard that magic word “Kumusta?” It’s something singles (I, in particular) love to hear because it’s an indication that someone would hear our deep thoughts that bothers us or a joy that can’t sit around to be shared. Nonetheless, it is likewise something we dread to hear ‘cause we know we can’t suppress anything, that we will be caught anytime soon. Talk about discernment.

Now, this gave me a thought overnight. I get to check myself again.

How am I really doing? Self-check mode ON. I don’t routinely go over many questions when this mode is on. “How is your heart?”. It’s the only question I need to ask myself. Why? Whatever it is,  will always boil down to the bottom line – my Heart.

A simple word that could mean a big thing.


10.14.14 |change is here

So, finally I am nailed to maintain my blog with Wordpress. Men! Why was it too hard to decide back then? Oh well, aside from the busy schedules, I have to retrace the advantages and disadvantages of using the Wix or go back to my first website provider – Blogspot or have this WordPress.

Wix.com is way too great when it comes to website designing – I mean you can just wield how you want your blog to look like since there is a blank theme. If you have a creative mind, you’ll love this website! The downside is – it doesn’t have features for followers and if you opt to have comments for your blogs, you will have to bridge this to your Facebook. Or I may not yet explored the blogsite? Anyway… since the WordPress has these features, why spend too much time waiting for that feature to be added, which I’m not certain when exactly this will happen, use other website instead.

And yeah,Wordpress won!

I resolved to secede my personal blogs from photography works last October 20, 2014. However, keeping two blogs is demanding for me, knowing the fact that I work in a call center and I sleep on daytime. I wouldn’t have energy left so it would be best to keep one. And I have trouble mastering passwords. Keeping one password for all accounts is not highly recommended. Nevertheless, I still have same password for some of my social media accounts. I guess, I would have to work on that.

Old posts from my Luke’s Time Capsule will be transferred on this site. I still intend to keep the dates when I first wrote the topic. My photography works will be added here as originally planned.

I intend to post at least every week and I hope I can keep that up!

For those who somehow bumped into my old blog, Thank You, for taking time to browse and read my posts and for those who will be reading this blog, I hope I will be able to inspire you in one way or another.

Should you have feedback or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments on the comment box or shoot me an email. Expect my reply as soon as I get them. It would be deeply appreciated.


01.27.14 | a new start

“… the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

There were many innovative things 2014 has brought into my life. Apart from the fact that I cut my hair from a super long to a pixie one! Yeah. I did cut it soooo short right after I resigned from HSBC-Contact Center last December 2013. It’s something I have to do to alleviate the six years of stress BPO have caused me and I’ve been wanting to have a new look. I got bored with my long hair so here I am again with a pixie hair look.

First was the new job. Hah! Finally out from call center! It was a relief. Though I still think likely of going back after a year or two, I guess.

Second, I got fixed Saturday-Sunday off from work. Yehey! A rest day I’ve been working my heart off for the past 6 years by performing at work so I can have the weekends break. How did I outlive those years with shifting schedules every 3 months? Well, I guess it was all by the grace of God. Without it, I won’t ever make it!

Third, I get to see the sunrise going to work and not going home from work. There’s a big difference, right? I’m not called “vampire” or “zombie” anymore! Or get an advice “Get a Life!”.

Fourth, I can enjoy the holidays! Yehey! Honestly, I can’t even remember which holidays are they. Now I can say, I am a filipino! Hahahah!

Fifth, I can commit to a ministry at the church. I was released from Music Team unofficially due to schedule conflicts during rehearsals and worship services. However, I plan to join another Ministry, though. Since there are teams for Photographers, I intend to concentrate on photography team to enhance this area in preparation to my photo works. Since this will be put up as a business sooner.

Sixth, I get to practice my photography! I can do the photoshoots for my portfolio every Saturday and Sunday!

featured photo credit to sasha belmonte.

02.13.13 | team tricia : unbeatable

THANKS for the good times and the bad times, too! thanks for the GIMIKAN times and the LUNCH together with all the TSISMISAN especially mga celebrity tsikas. thanks for the HELP during calls and even beyond work. thanks sa FREE RIDES sa mga may cars. I will MISS even the LATE NIGHT MOVIES and the overnights sa hotels. ang tsikahan after shift dahil day off the NEXTday. ang SHOWDOWN!!!! Gosh! what’s more? kantahan sa videoke! Waaaahhhh! ang late STARBUCKS! – I WILL SURELY MISS YOU ALL!


CHIQUI: salamat sa pagtulong pag di ko na alam ang sagot sa katanungan ng mga customers. sa pag-file ng leave for me. at ang classic na WHAT IF?


CHA: salamat sa free rides! it took me months to practice opening your car door without mistakes! hahaha! am sure ma-mi-miss mo ang spiel ko “WOW! ANG GANDA NG CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!”. alam mo yan?!!!!


JAM: what can i say? very talented na model sa pictorials! saan ka pa? i hope you’re gonna be still available pag kailangan ko ng model once i get in sa photography lessons. =)


MARK: i will miss the FOOD thing! ahahahah!!!! ang pagkairita natin pag di makaintindi ang customer na kausap natin!!! GRRRR!!!!


MADZ: gurl!!! san naman ang pagiging bully mo? ahahah!  ikaw na! ikaw na talaga ang may trono nyan! AT di ko makakalimutan ang costume mo na ginawa mong skirt sa first showdown natin  (walk like an egytian?)! CLASSIC!


TONI: wala na ko sisigawan pag galit ako sa customer! hahaha!!! shock absorber ba? heheheh… salamat din sa best practice na “adding value kahit ala ka na kausap sa phone”.


MAI: thanks for taking my SUP CALLS! kahit pinaiiyak mo ko lagi pag may sup calls!
hahahah! i will miss your JAIHO! isa pang classic!


LAINE: salamat sa mga good advices kahit one time lang ang coaching natin. i will miss the kwento about your hubby and kids! Hay!


MARJ: magkapareho pa rin naman tayo ng shift…  so ala muna drama! sana sabay pa rin lunch natin!


HAZEL: HONDA! pano na yan?  ala na ko masasabihan nyan!

JEFF: magka-team pa rin tayo! see you around sa shift natin!
Meron pa ba? ahhhh…
BOSS TRICIA: thanks for all the good times! for listening to me if i need to cry. heheheh.
i will surely, surely miss all the stuffs together ng team! words are not enough to explain how grateful i am.. i learned a lot from you! Patience is the most! thanks for being there AGAD when i need help sa mga calls ko! thanks for always giving me second, third, fourth….(at marami pa!) CHANCES to prove myself. THANKS FOR NOT GIVING UP ON ME EVEN IF I SEEMED TO BE GIVING UP ON MYSELF! (naiiyak na ako! tama na ito!)
Cha Salido Nakakaiyak naman to!!!!!

February 13, 2011 at 3:07pm

Tonia Martinez parang ayaw ko na bumalik from core leave..kasi pag balik ko wala na team tricia =(

February 13, 2011 at 9:02pm

Maria Alfredine ‎…waahhhhh…ur ryt cha nakakaiyak to…

February 13, 2011 at 9:15pm

Chiqui N Benjie Veloso ate lorie, if you need help..anytym d2 pa din team tricia 🙂

February 14, 2011 at 12:07am

Marilyn Rodriguez gudam. hapi valentine. kelan ka mgaasawa.
February 14, 2011 at 6:17am
Melanie Tiu Brigado lorie don’t worry kasi po magka-shift tayo at hoy hindi kita pinapaiiyak sa sup call ko ha di ko nga alam umiiyak ka na lang eh hehehehe.

February 14, 2011 at 6:55pm
InnoceNt HeaRt naiiyak na naman ako! hahahah… miss ko na agad ang team tricia! Grrrr!!!!

February 18, 2011 at 7:09pm
InnoceNt HeaRt ‎@tita marlyn: hapi belated valentine din! di pa dumadating eh!!!

February 18, 2011 at 7:10pm
Lea Angela Belmonte batit wla nah ang team tricia ate lori????? 😥
February 18, 2011 at 9:32pm
InnoceNt HeaRt scattered na team due to shift bid and promotions. kalungkot pero it’s how it works in call centers. hay! sniff! sniff!
February 23, 2011 at 1:29am

Lea Angela Belmonte aaaaaaaaaaaaaay kakalungkot nman… huhu

February 23, 2011 at 4:13am
InnoceNt HeaRt korek!

February 23, 2011 at 6:13pm


12.30.12 | an extravagant way to be captured by a lover

I was once again enthralled by the Love of God …. caught in admiration of His wondrous amity. I was brought to peace and found myself scuttling to my room and kneeling down and thanking Jesus for saving me and embracing my imperfections. When was the last time I was awestruck by the Splendor of His perfect love? Does it matter? This trice is most imperative now. I am amazed! I was speechless. I was lost for words…

I fell in love like the first time to My Saviour. I was just worshiping and …. thanking HIM.

Whoah! It feels good when you go back to your First Love. It’s always refreshing. It’s always new and exciting. I am renewed once again. What has caused me this? It’s this song!

Every part of the song arrested my heart deeply.

What an extravagant way to be captured by a Lover!

Higher + Wider + Deeper

How beautiful this love

You would lay down your crown
Surrender your throne in heaven
So that I could be found
How awesome is this love
That conquered the grave
Love that can move the mountains
Yet knows me by name

It’s unbreakable
It’s undeniable
Nothing will ever separate us

Your Love is higher
Than the skies up above
Your Love is wider
Than what I can dream of
Your Love is deeper
It’s the greatest of all

Holy are you Father
A love like no other
So vast like the universe
Is your love, Is your love

Words & Music: Aaron Lucas

04.08.12 | back to basics

I normally hear this “Back to Basics” at the church whenever I lost track of my faith. How effective is the basic? Well, it’s more effective than the new ones. New ideas came from basics. It’s like when you lose passion to serve God. You’ll never get new encounter when you don’t go back to where you first experience it.

I started reading my bible again after months (I’m not certain how long is that). Romans 3-4. As I read, words seemed to not comprehended by this tiny brain. I have other ideas in my mind – the wedding to coordinate that i was offered to, how do i get five 2’s and five 100’s in my calls, will i get a anew job – should i apply abroad or stay in the Philippines, how much would i spend for our Pagudpud trip, will i get a swap schedule for that trip (I was only approved of 2 leaves and the other 1 day is still in pending for approval and no reply from swap requests), I missed my family, will i get a new swimsuit, will i be promoted from being agent, how do i update my blog, read books?…and so on and so forth. Sometimes, our mind is so consumed with many things to look forward to yet we forget the only Reason for all of these. We’re too busy with our daily routines and plans that we forget the only author of our lives.

I just realized this when I was seated in front of the computer @ work in internet cafe. I opened my Facebook right away and started reading messages and updates of friends while still listening worship songs from my phone.  It suddenly hit my heart… when is the last time i listened and sang along with the worship songs I hear? Last year? Oh no… on February 2012 when we were asked to sing for a special number @ church. Gosh! It’s been 2months now. I suddenly fear the idea of losing my connection to my Creator. I reminded myself… back to basics, Lorie. Go back to when you have fallen in love to God so intense you can’t contain it.

I even descried that I lost the glow in my face. No more glimmer in my eyes. I always looked so stale. Reality bites! I looked so freaking old and just right my age before I have Jesus in my life. Knock! Knock? I see myself in my heart and not Jesus. That scared me! Of course I wanted to look beautiful inside so that outside people will see the difference of having Jesus in my life. That’s just part of the package, though. One reason is to be free and fulfilled and joyful. Ahhhh… I missed that! I so missed that.

Go back to basics.

Plans today.

1. Even if get tired from work, I will attend a service today after my shift. I spent more than 2 hours everyday blogging, why not in church instead?

2. I will read my bible everyday. This would be very difficult for me. doing it everyday creates a habit.

3. I will listen to worship/praise songs in the morning instead to feed my soul rather than worldly songs to start my day. I can listen to them in the evening.

4. Limit my time with my laptop and internet. I can do it in my day offs.

5. Read books about Jesus. In fact I have many books i haven’t even started to read since i purchased them years ago.

6. Watch inspirational movies which will enhance my faith.

7. Start learning my guitar. I haven’t learned a song yet since i purchased my beloved guitar.

8. Text my family at least every day. A simple HI will do.

9. Explore my new DSLR3100.

10. Budget my money. Spend wisely.


02.28.12 | blue rose & a chocolate

I received this blue rose candy from Tonia (a friend from work who gave out flowers to all her girlfriends) on February 16, right after the Valentine’s Day (which was my day off so it was given late) and a Kitkat chocolate from Boss Chie.

This was the second ROSE I got on V-day. The first one was when I was teaching in Philippine Montessori Center. A cute, chubby, chinese girl (Sabrina? Oh I evoked the name correctly) the little girl approached me and gave me a red rose with a wide smile on her face saying with a shy voice ” Teacher Lorie, Happy Valentine’s Day. This is for you.” and kissed me on my cheek. Isn’t that sweet and lovely of her to remember me on such a day? Too bad I haven’t got any picture of her, but I can always remember how she looks like while she handed me the flower.

This proves that V-day is not alone celebrated for lovers, but for friends and families as well. We don’t have to be vehement on such occasion if the crowd is celebrating this day with someone holding one hand while the other hand holds a bouquet of flowers. Valentine is for lovers. That might be, but then again, we can always find ways to revel this with friends and family.

I’ve been celebrating such a LOVELY day with friends and families for years now and it amazes me all the time because I can celebrate this without feeling left out.