03.26.16 | hat on. hat off.

I saw this display of a knee high denim shorts from folded and hung store topped with a girly white blouse some days ago and I got something in my mind while on my way home from work yesterday.

I tried to mix and match some old clothes in my wardrobe to get that look.

Now, since I miss wearing caps (credit to my sister Sasha for this one),  I tried the look with the cap. Without the blazer with the all-time fave gold pouch which I bought years back in SM Megamall’s Department Store (I forgot how much). It’s still perfect for formal and semi formal soiree. Necklace credit to my sister, Sasha, again. = )

I posted this look in my facebook and olah! some liked it with hat and some without. Well, I like both.


Cap : Billabong

Blazer P250 : MNG @ Ukay-Ukay in Pasig

Black Top P200 : Pasig Night Market

Shorts : Perfect Jeans – hand me down

White Shoes : Fiomi (Payless) P1000 (originally P1250 – sale)

Watch : Aldo (a gift from my sister Leoni)


10.16.14 | before the “selfie” there was ME

Selfie: Self-portrait. Do you know who took the first selfie? I did my research and I found Robert Corneius. “He took what is believed to be the world’s first selfie, a self-portrait he snapped one day in October 1839 while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia”.

“And another “unidentified Edwardian woman taking a selfie with a Kodak Brownie box camera around 1900”.  More selfies came from thereon. And it has become well known in this century. Oxford English Dictionary announced the Word of the Year “SELFIE” in November 2013.  It’s evident that trends not only in fashion but also in photography come to life and is enhanced as years pass by.”

Before the rise of “Selfie” (in 2013), there was ME! I have this love of taking pictures of myself at home when I feel my most beautiful. Please don’t argue with me about that! At least it’s a fact for me. When did I first do my selfies? 1999? I guess. I haven’t got my digital camera then, so I used camera with films where I hoard those buy 1 take 1 films.

Ayt! This picture was taken in 2010, after our HBMY Town Hall party. Set my camera timer on as soon as I arrived home and started taking my own pictures. Since my housemate and my sister were already dreaming on their pillows, I was harried capturing myself for about half an hour all by myself.

The reason why I like doing this Photo Shoot alone with my camera and with all the people snoozing is because I can project and do the shams I so want. To be honest, I’m a bit reserved projecting when there are people around so I often do it on my own. The down side? I can’t take picture of ME with fuzzy background! I mean, since I am the subject, I want my background to be hazy so I would be prominent. Well, I suppose the goal of doing that is unattainable with the point and shoot camera I used for this shot. Unlike with the DSLR, you can focus on your subject and would have a great outcome of the photos.

Now, I got less of my selfie since I got my own DSLR 3100 on April 2012. I always get to play “the photographer” which is not bad after all, since I was able to enhance my passion in photography. Well, I got friends whom I can ask to take my photographs! What are friends for, right?


Quoted sentences from google.com

03.14.12 | tune up day

It has become a rest day practice while doing some household chores at the apartment – practicing make up and taking pictures. A simple eye shadow for a morning pictorial. I know my make up is not that great, but who cares? Practice never makes it perfect, practice makes it permanent, at least. Having the courage to post this is not bummer, I guess.

Out laundry area has turned into my favorite spot for pictorials. I don’t have a photographer so I have to set my camera timer whenever I need to (or feel like) take a picture of myself.






03.24.12 | k-pop attempt

I did not intend to look “K-POP” in this photo. I originally changed my white razor back shirt to this oversized long sleeves shirt I bought from Penshoppe (Trinoma P399. sale). Since we bought bonnet from the Picnic Grove, I used it for the sake of selfie. Borrowed my teammate’s red earphone for this one. K-POP Lorie outcome! Picture credit to Tonia’s samsung phone.

This shot was taken on March 24 during out team building in Taalena Restaurant.

03.07.12 | what’s with the make-up?

I don’t know what gets me hooked with make-up lately? If I can remember well, I never liked doing make-up  because I fancied natural beauty. Should I blame my friends for compelling me of doing so? I never imagined myself buying stuffs for make-up – eyeshadow, concealers, brushes, primer, blushers, lipstick! Dah! I even stay up late at night watching videos on how to put on great eye shadows and all.

Yes, I do simple make-up like simple eye shadow, light blush on and lipstick or lipgloss. A simple make-up for a simple day. Little did I know I needed something new this time!

I might have realized that I should do so especially that I often attend parties and important gatherings. I thought I’ll be just fine without it, but I was confounded. What a laugh! Why now? Well, it’s never too late to start though. This will be an edge for me since I plan of getting serious with wedding planning and photography business. I should have an eye on this area to keep a business.

It seemed like I’m spending much on make-up, but it’s alright. I may need this on weddings I will be attending to or planning for. Hmmm… not a bad idea of a hobby, I guess.

NYX butt “Naked” Eyes with blushers and illuminator

Celeteque make-up remover

Maybelline Mineral Foundation

Make-up sponge applicator from Beauty Blender

Aido Eyeshadow Kit

Brushes for Eyes & Cheek




Oh well, watched Lea Michelle do the tutorial via youtube.com for almost an hour and look a the finished one! Urgh! I guess it’s not bad for a beginner of a real make-up stuffs. The featured picture is the second attempt. I’m liking it. Hahaha. Practice…Practice…



03.12.12 | take it with you anywhere

I was adept to use what I’ve been studying in make-up. Last Sunday I put on the first smoky eyes I tried at home on my tune-up days. I thought I’ll be able to make it in about 10mins but I floundered.  I know I have to rush for the service, I did it for almost 30mins. I’ll make it… next time (gave a soft pat at my shoulder).

Sorry, the photos posted is meant for my thread and buttons label, so there was no emphasis on the make-up itself. When I get good to show make-up I’ll photoshoot solely for that.

It’s worth it. It fits practically fine for my outfit that day.

Featured pictures is a shot at ENCentre Pasig & the rest are at Logos Hope.




07.31.11 | the 90’s look

The 90’s look I wore on our  Theme Day: 80’s and 90’s. I wasn’t given the chance to take pictures since we are not allowed to do so. Pictures taken on my day off. Hat borrowed from Diet during our Theme day.

I thought dressing up with the 90’s would make me seem awful, but it turns out good. It still feels good to go back to the old fashion. It comes and goes, right?

See that pink guitar? I bought that years ago which I didn’t manage to learn until now. Hahaha = ) I’ve been wanting to learn it but to no avail. I guess I need to set a day and a time to do it.

The blazer I used is our uniform from the school I taught way back in 2006 (if i remember right). It’s good thing I kept it when I gave out all my old stuffs away. I’ve been keeping it til this day since it useful whenever I have to wear corporate attire at work. Long sleeve shirt from Surplus where I often visit almost every week to check on new stuffs they have. Their shirts and jackets entices my eyes.

shoes : Payless

jeans : Lee

long sleeves shirt : Surplus