01.27.14 | a new start

“… the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

There were many innovative things 2014 has brought into my life. Apart from the fact that I cut my hair from a super long to a pixie one! Yeah. I did cut it soooo short right after I resigned from HSBC-Contact Center last December 2013. It’s something I have to do to alleviate the six years of stress BPO have caused me and I’ve been wanting to have a new look. I got bored with my long hair so here I am again with a pixie hair look.

First was the new job. Hah! Finally out from call center! It was a relief. Though I still think likely of going back after a year or two, I guess.

Second, I got fixed Saturday-Sunday off from work. Yehey! A rest day I’ve been working my heart off for the past 6 years by performing at work so I can have the weekends break. How did I outlive those years with shifting schedules every 3 months? Well, I guess it was all by the grace of God. Without it, I won’t ever make it!

Third, I get to see the sunrise going to work and not going home from work. There’s a big difference, right? I’m not called “vampire” or “zombie” anymore! Or get an advice “Get a Life!”.

Fourth, I can enjoy the holidays! Yehey! Honestly, I can’t even remember which holidays are they. Now I can say, I am a filipino! Hahahah!

Fifth, I can commit to a ministry at the church. I was released from Music Team unofficially due to schedule conflicts during rehearsals and worship services. However, I plan to join another Ministry, though. Since there are teams for Photographers, I intend to concentrate on photography team to enhance this area in preparation to my photo works. Since this will be put up as a business sooner.

Sixth, I get to practice my photography! I can do the photoshoots for my portfolio every Saturday and Sunday!

featured photo credit to sasha belmonte.


03.24.13 | treat yourself something soothing

Our VG (Victory Group) meets at least once a month. We routinely have this session where we impart insights. Talk about victories and skirmishes, love and aspirations. Girl talk, as we call it. Anything that will encourage and bring each one to a chance to pray and seek God’s direction.

All of us just relished the luxurious time schmoozing and cackling our heart’s out on some topics ladies love to talk about – Nails & Spa? Hahaha. The ladies are planning once more where our next stop would be. It’s an advantage when you have girlfriends who love the things you love to do!

But this time, we decided on something tranquil. Something Fun & “girly”. Women need this sometime! After the church service, we headed to Always Spring Nailspa for a nail treat. The place was reserved for an 8-hour nailspa. We had free food and drinks, videoke/movie. Finally found a great delight in this place @ Mc Home Depot Ortigas. Great way to indulge ourselves! Yey!

Compiled mostly of our “pamper day” videos. Enjoy watching!

04.11.12 | dream house

This house just caught my attention! It was the house where the Taiwan TV series I was watching shot most of the scenes – Drunken to Love You. I can’t find a picture of the whole house so I decided to just picture the scene from the video.
I like how the water entwined the whole house where you can get your tan with the open piazza in front. Trees hem in the house, however, gives way for the sun to gleam its sultriness along the waters. The translucent canopy on the left part of the house enthralled my eyes! It would be perfect for pictorials. It’s a perfect townhouse!

10.18.11 | a birthday after shock

So the birthday celebration is still up until today. Bought myself my much-loved Pearl Milktea from Chatime, a 2-sliced pizza from Pizza Hut and a 3-flavour cupcakes from my friends.

Milkteas are becoming so famous here in the country and people are going gaga over milkteas everywhere. I first tasted this at Moonleaf which was introduced by a teammate. I just can’t get over their bestseller Wintermelon. I wasn’t able to find any of their store anywhere in Pasig so I checked some malls for an alternative and I found this Chatime. I liked their Pearl Milktea but I still itch for the Wintermelon.

I’m not a pizza lover, I admit. I guess I lost cravings for one because I get an overdose of Yellow Cab pizza from my 5th grader students when I was teaching in a campus. My! They just can’t get over the pizza. It was their lunch almost everyday. No wonder I get to see pizza boy roving around the campus.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. I’m a sweet lover so anything sweet is perfect for my birthday!


10.14.11 | perky food

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Obviously, a birthdate with my self alone. Oh yes. I usually do this on my birthdays. I was not used to celebrating it with people. I guess it’s because I grew up with having my (and my siblings’) birthday pass by like a frequent day. Only the word happy birthday and birthday card are the difference.

The reason I prefer celebrating alone is that I get to have time for myself. With the busyness from work and some extras for voluntary works at the church, I suppose, this will be a great time to spend the 24 hours with me. And take note, I turn off my cellphone so my time for myself won’t be interrupted.

This day I tried the coffee at Bean Perks. A place I recently discovered that is just minutes away from our apartment.  The coffee is good and the cookie with caramel is great! I still fancy the coffee from Starbucks.

07.18.11 | harry potter mania

Going crazy over Harry Potter? My sister, Sasha do! I liked it but I’m not that intense like my sister. She had books of Harry Potter and all. She knows almost all the characters in the story and she watches the movie over and over again. Well, I can’t blame her for doing so. It’s something undeniable knowing that people swarm over the cinemas on malls whenever this movie is shown.

I have different fascination – Korean dramas.

Nonetheless, here are some of our pictures shortly taken while waiting for the movie showing. My sister bought our tickets online and chose the 3D. This is the first time I watched a movie in 3D and I swore I wouldn’t dare try again! I was extremely dazed when we got out of the cinema and yes, my sister also had the same feeling. I just can’t figure out how some prefers watching in 3D (or 2D). I can’t blame them because it seemed real in 3D or 2D. Anyhow, I still dislike the feeling that you all get giddy after. Don’t they get the same motility?










06.22.11 | coffee. drizzly.

So, it was another day at my friend’s (Bob)  cozy home in San Roque, Bulacan. Our restdays are usually spent at my place in Pasig. However, when he got married on April 1 this year, we decided to stay at his place more often. There is this swimming pool near his place that we can luxuriously get our tan while enjoying the water all for ourselves.
This day was not a good day to have a swim. The rain won’t stop and we can’t go out. We waited for an hour to stop. Another couple of hours. And to no avail, it kept pouring. The swimsuit turned into a jogging pants and a shirt and a cup of coffee. Oh nope! Not a soup! I’d prefer coffee during this days. I hoped I had a book packed with me to read. It’s always perfect to read a book over a cup of coffee. Perfect in a damp day for a coffee buff like me!
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