06.23.11 | bob-joane

My first pre-nup attempt! It was my friend’s wedding last April 1 and I was asked to abet the couple for the pre-nup shooting on February 20 at EcoPark  I intended to just accompany them so they wont feel awkward in front of the photographer. Since they know for a fact how I love photography and would go extra mile (as long as I can) to learn they have me tag along with them.

I learned how their official photographer, Kuya Felman, did the shooting. He is open to new suggestions, give a try to check if it makes a difference. I’ve seen how he made the photo shooting so light and bubbly by acknowledging the good poses his subject were doing and how he gently gave instructions to them, which actually made my friend and his fiancee’ enjoyed the shoot.

One thing I learned, too, from the photographer (I totally forgot his name! I’m bad at names. hush!) I talked to during the school’s graduates’ pictorial in Victory Christian School in 2006 – good and quality pictures doesn’t depend alone on the camera you’re using but the photographer himself. Its’ how good you are as a photographer.

Here are some photos I took using the soon-to-be bride’s camera (canon. point and shoot).

an airbrush make up made the stunning look.
when you look me in the eyes.
waiting for the bride.
waiting for the groom.
shades of love
Playful shot. The bubbles effect is something.
Stolen shot : the photographer was giving instruction to the couple.
sick groom to be (he has flu that day. tsk. tsk).
teenage look.
lovely kiss from the soon to be bride.
you are mine…i am yours.
playful shot by the road.
so in love.
whisper your love to me.
vampire kiss attempt.
me and my alliance, Mark. We did the difficult poses for the couple to copy