10.18.11 | a birthday after shock

So the birthday celebration is still up until today. Bought myself my much-loved Pearl Milktea from Chatime, a 2-sliced pizza from Pizza Hut and a 3-flavour cupcakes from my friends.

Milkteas are becoming so famous here in the country and people are going gaga over milkteas everywhere. I first tasted this at Moonleaf which was introduced by a teammate. I just can’t get over their bestseller Wintermelon. I wasn’t able to find any of their store anywhere in Pasig so I checked some malls for an alternative and I found this Chatime. I liked their Pearl Milktea but I still itch for the Wintermelon.

I’m not a pizza lover, I admit. I guess I lost cravings for one because I get an overdose of Yellow Cab pizza from my 5th grader students when I was teaching in a campus. My! They just can’t get over the pizza. It was their lunch almost everyday. No wonder I get to see pizza boy roving around the campus.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. I’m a sweet lover so anything sweet is perfect for my birthday!



10.20.11 | food trip @ the mall

I have this routine of strolling in the mall from morning to evening. I only checked on new stuffs for fashion, cameras, books, home stuff and all. I don’t really buy in particular when I do that. Window shopping is fun, if you have plans of buying sooner.

I ended up gobbling much the entire day, too! From Krispy Kreme to GongCha to Orchard Road in SM Megamall.

I had coffee and doughnut @ 12:25 PM. Krispy Kreme. Earl Grey Milk Tea @ 3:46 PM (from Gong Cha) and rice with chicken barbeque @ 3:56 PM – Orchard Road.


10.14.11 | perky food

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Obviously, a birthdate with my self alone. Oh yes. I usually do this on my birthdays. I was not used to celebrating it with people. I guess it’s because I grew up with having my (and my siblings’) birthday pass by like a frequent day. Only the word happy birthday and birthday card are the difference.

The reason I prefer celebrating alone is that I get to have time for myself. With the busyness from work and some extras for voluntary works at the church, I suppose, this will be a great time to spend the 24 hours with me. And take note, I turn off my cellphone so my time for myself won’t be interrupted.

This day I tried the coffee at Bean Perks. A place I recently discovered that is just minutes away from our apartment.  The coffee is good and the cookie with caramel is great! I still fancy the coffee from Starbucks.