12.03.11 | food trip

Another Food Trip day. Still a Korean cuisine but a different restaurant this time at the TOP DISH. From Katipunan Quezon City, we tried another place – Makati.

We ordered the same kind of stuff we normally have whenever we eat at Korean Restaurant. Only the place and ambiance changed so… dig in!






10.18.11 | a birthday after shock

So the birthday celebration is still up until today. Bought myself my much-loved Pearl Milktea from Chatime, a 2-sliced pizza from Pizza Hut and a 3-flavour cupcakes from my friends.

Milkteas are becoming so famous here in the country and people are going gaga over milkteas everywhere. I first tasted this at Moonleaf which was introduced by a teammate. I just can’t get over their bestseller Wintermelon. I wasn’t able to find any of their store anywhere in Pasig so I checked some malls for an alternative and I found this Chatime. I liked their Pearl Milktea but I still itch for the Wintermelon.

I’m not a pizza lover, I admit. I guess I lost cravings for one because I get an overdose of Yellow Cab pizza from my 5th grader students when I was teaching in a campus. My! They just can’t get over the pizza. It was their lunch almost everyday. No wonder I get to see pizza boy roving around the campus.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. I’m a sweet lover so anything sweet is perfect for my birthday!


10.20.11 | food trip @ the mall

I have this routine of strolling in the mall from morning to evening. I only checked on new stuffs for fashion, cameras, books, home stuff and all. I don’t really buy in particular when I do that. Window shopping is fun, if you have plans of buying sooner.

I ended up gobbling much the entire day, too! From Krispy Kreme to GongCha to Orchard Road in SM Megamall.

I had coffee and doughnut @ 12:25 PM. Krispy Kreme. Earl Grey Milk Tea @ 3:46 PM (from Gong Cha) and rice with chicken barbeque @ 3:56 PM – Orchard Road.


10.14.11 | perky food

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Obviously, a birthdate with my self alone. Oh yes. I usually do this on my birthdays. I was not used to celebrating it with people. I guess it’s because I grew up with having my (and my siblings’) birthday pass by like a frequent day. Only the word happy birthday and birthday card are the difference.

The reason I prefer celebrating alone is that I get to have time for myself. With the busyness from work and some extras for voluntary works at the church, I suppose, this will be a great time to spend the 24 hours with me. And take note, I turn off my cellphone so my time for myself won’t be interrupted.

This day I tried the coffee at Bean Perks. A place I recently discovered that is just minutes away from our apartment.  The coffee is good and the cookie with caramel is great! I still fancy the coffee from Starbucks.

09.03.11 | side dish please?

I learned to love korean food when I first tasted this from YeDang in Ortigas, Pasig. I was truly uncertain to join my friends when I was invited, but, part of me sought to indeed explore on new foods. I did not regret appraising it. I liked it so much I craved for the food for almost a week after!

Now, another day of Korean Food! I can’t get enough of it. I frequently end up having 2 bowls of rice whenever I eat korean food.


06.18.11 | mango crepe

I’ve been craving for mango crepe for days now. I came across this kind of pastry when I worked in Le Ceour De France where I was in charged of making crepes for customers. It’s a thin pastry made of flour (crêpes de froment) or buckwheat (galettes).

Pour the wheat batter onto a flat circular frying pan traced with butter on pan’s surface. Spread the wheat batter evenly and thinly. Turn over to cook the other side of the batter. You may fill the crepe with fruits you like. I prefer ripe mango with whip cream flavored with chocolate syrup and drizzled with almonds.

I had a chance to eat my favorite mango crepe with officemates at Cafe Briton, Technohub after our shift.