06.30.17 | hoping to not always be a bridesmaid

Every girl dreams of becoming a bride. Is this true for a school graders? I can’t recall myself dreaming to be a bride someday when I was a little girl. I remember wanting to become a soldier and then a model and then a superhero like WonderWoman.

I realized that when you become older and become aware of love (with opposite sex) a dream to become a bride (someday) would somehow grow deeply in your heart. Every woman dreams of becoming a bride someday.

27 dresses? Nah! I haven’t reached that number of bridesmaid’s dresses and I don’t want to get into that either. Can I count in the dresses I had as a flower girl? I guess the dresses might sum up to 27 should I include those. And I caught bouquets number of times already on weddings and still the groom have not shown up. Tsk. Tsk. Where has the groom gone by? Where is he wandering? Has he lost his way to me? = )

This coming December, I will be a bridesmaid (again, hahaha) and hoping this would be the last (praying).




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