12.30.12 | an extravagant way to be captured by a lover

musicI was once again enthralled by the Love of God …. caught in admiration of His wondrous amity. I was brought to peace and found myself scuttling to my room and kneeling down and thanking Jesus for saving me and embracing my imperfections. When was the last time I was awestruck by the Splendor of His perfect love? Does it matter? This trice is most imperative now. I am amazed! I was speechless. I was lost for words…

I fell in love like the first time to My Savior. I was just worshiping and …. thanking HIM.

Whoah! It feels good when you go back to your First Love. It’s always refreshing. It’s always new and exciting. I am renewed once again. What has caused me this? It’s this song!

Every part of the song arrested my heart deeply.

What an extravagant way to be captured by a Lover!




Higher + Wider + Deeper

How beautiful this love

You would lay down your crown
Surrender your throne in heaven
So that I could be found
How awesome is this love
That conquered the grave
Love that can move the mountains
Yet knows me by name

It’s unbreakable
It’s undeniable
Nothing will ever separate us

Your Love is higher
Than the skies up above
Your Love is wider
Than what I can dream of
Your Love is deeper
It’s the greatest of all

Holy are you Father
A love like no other
So vast like the universe
Is your love, Is your love

Words & Music: Aaron Lucas